as well as working to attract more women

Even with the council voting down the proposed ordinance, three council members admitted to being on the fence,michael kors outlet online, and one stated he was completely against the store.

Pita Pit was originally founded in 1995 at Kingston,coach outlet, Ontario, Canada as an alternative to the traditional fast food restaurant. The company is now based in Idaho and has grown to more than 500 restaurants in 11 countries worldwide.

Robin O Brien s fifth grade class from Jackson Street School used an opportunity Friday to make art imitate life as part of the Liberty Arts gallery s Explorations art education program. The gallery s current exhibition,tory burch outlet, Women Who Know Alaska, provided students with the inspiration they needed for the day s activity.Taken on a tour by O Brien and Liberty Arts specialists Bee Soul and Nina Holzer, the children took in the works of Robby Mohatt,hollister co, Beth Michaels,hollister clothing, Linda Payne and Eloise Larson, four women who expressed their experiences living in Fairbanks, Alaska,tory burch outlet online, through art. The students were asked to provide feedback on the pieces,burberry outlet,“That was definitely a challe, and had an opportunity to learn three new vocabulary terms as they pertain to art: muted colors,michael kors handbags,parents Clarence and Florence, random and harbinger.The interactive part of the day had the students emulating Mohatt s process for creating abstract and naturally inspired works in oil pastels. Students were asked to study various rocks for inspiration before committing their versions of the rocks patterns to paper. Once finished, they were instructed to pick a framing that best highlighted their vision for their artwork. Kindergarten through 12th grade students from around Siskiyou County take part in the Explorations program with over 4,lv outlet,approached from behind at a s,000 participating since 2008, according to the Liberty Arts website. Women Who Know Alaska will run through November 29, and Luigi and Marlis,, featuring the works of Lewis Meyers, will start December 5.

Every Monday,, we invite people over for dinner. We want our kids to be able to have a conversation with other adults and meet new people easily. What better way than to practice in our own home? I don��t do any kind of fancy dinner prep �C just a typical family dinner �C so there isn��t any added cooking time. We alternate inviting people from work, school,coach outlet store online, the neighborhood and those who share our activities (like church and sports). Thanks to our Monday dinners,, we have had so many acquaintances become friends.��

In five years,There is only one Dauphin Isl, he promised,tory burch, Intel's workforce demographics will mirror the percentage of women and underrepresented minorities available in the market for specific job categories. The company is dedicating $300 million to the effort,coach outlet online, as well as working to attract more women, African-Americans and Hispanics to technology fields. Krzanich also said Intel would tie managers' performance reviews to their success at changing what their teams look like.