the sale was rammed through by Hoy

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The highly contentious sale of Helena-West Helena School District property is a battle now headed to court. Attorneys James F. Valley and Robert E. Kinchen filed an illegal exaction lawsuit against the Helena-West Helena School District on behalf of lead plaintiff Sandra Bagley and the students,, patrons,coach outlet, and citizens of the H-WHSD in Phillips County Circuit Court Monday morning. Valley said, "Our client deeply regrets having to take this action. However, we feel that the district's superintendent, Mr. John Hoy,tory burch outlet online, is not acting in the best interest of the district or the taxpayers. This really isn't a sale. It is a give away because the amount of money being received by the district is de minimis." Bagley said,and Jean Nouvel, I am a proud graduate of Central High School. My grandson is enrolled at Miller Primary where I am president of the PTO,including Ryan, and my granddaughter is enrolled at J. F. Wahl preschool. I am a member of the HWH Booster Club and am one of its volunteers. I love this school district,That it came, and I want what is best for our students. With that in mind,burberry outlet, I am appalled that our superintendent has rammed through this garage sale of our property. This act is in direct conflict with what the local school board voted to recommend three times and disregards what is best for our district and its students. With Mr. Hoy worried more about Little Rock concerns than HWHSD interests, the citizens of this district were left with no other recourse than to seek relief in the courts to stop the dismantling of this district by outside interests through a state-appointed superintendent. It is my intention to make no other public remarks until the case has concluded and all questions should be directed to my attorney." The lawsuit challenges the sale of Beechcrest Elementary to the KIPP charter school for $50,,000 and the sale of Woodruff Elementary, Helena Crossing Elementary and a building at Southland for less than $30,000 total. The lawsuit does not challenge the sale of Westside Elementary to the Westside Community Hub nonprofit,, "Because it is not being sold in a traditional sense but there is an agreement entered into by the school district for the use and benefit for a nonprofit or not-for-profit organization and the school district's future use as an alternative school or in-school suspension location." The lawsuit contends that the sale is illegal and flawed for several reasons. First, the lawsuit contends that legal descriptions should have been required in the request for bids and bid documents. Second, the lawsuit contends that the amount of compensation being received is so small that the transaction amounts to a donation where school district property is being given away. Third,, the sale was rammed through by Hoy, the school superintendent, without appraisals to even make a determination about the value of the properties. Fourth, the sale is diametrically opposed to the best interest of the Helena-West Helena School District. Fifth,michael kors outlet online, the sale is taking placed over the expressed opposition of the local school board,Wine pairing, which has advisory powers only because the school was designated as being in fiscal distress. Sixth, the transaction takes place while the district is still classified as being in fiscal distress. Consequently it doesn't make sense to not get full value for property if it is to be sold while the district is in that classification. Finally, the lawsuit points out that parties are forcing the transaction upon the district that answer to no local concern. Page 2 of 2 - Valley concluded,coach outlet store online, "We have one person,coach outlet online, John Hoy,tory burch, who appears to be acting at the behest of interests who either do not care about H-WHSD or hope it fails because there is no logical explanation for this otherwise. Any superintendent whose first priority was the best interests of the Helena-West Helena School District and its students would not have recommended this sale on these terms. The example of Beechcrest is pretty egregious because it is a forced sale to a competing entity. Our local board,burberry scarf, appointed by the previous commissioner of education, has voted against this three times. This is the equivalent of forcing McDonald's to give a building to Wendy's. We are here in this courthouse today fighting for our school district, its students and their best interests against a Goliath that includes the Arkansas Department of Education, KIPP's high-powered lobbyists, and powerful foundations and rich concerns who want to dismantle public education in Helena through state control."

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��Last year he was kind of down on himself because he didn��t get an opportunity to play that much, but he��s one of the hardest-working people I know,�� Arkansas cornerback D.J. Dean said. ��Any time we do something, he��s out there by himself going through calls without anybody else being there. It��s great watching him.��

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