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Dr. Yong H. Tsai is board-certified in rheumatology, allergy and clinical immunology and has been practicing in this area since 1993. Send questions to Dr. Tsai in care of features@news-jrnl.com. You also can check his website: arthritis-allergy.net.?

Q: What is a monoclonal antibody, and what role does it play in medicine?A: We all have our own personalized immune system. If we are exposed to a disease we develop antibodies to antigens (a substance the body identifies as ?foreign,www.toryburch.us.org,? whether it?s an infection, cancer or other condition) from it, starting a cascade of immune system activity. Monoclonal antibodies are multiple copies of one specific Ab to one specific antigen. The laboratory development of mAb?s is a rapidly developing technology.There are high-level categorizations of diseases; viral infections and cancer are two examples. Viral infections can be further categorized, for example influenza (flu), Ebola,s short for Tasmanian Devil, cold viruses, etc. And of course cancers can be further categorized,tory burch outlet, such as lung cancer, leukemia, breast cancer,Dubbed the ghost lady of Long, etc. These are still a fairly high level of categorization.Sometimes there is significant commonality to different strains of a disease, and treatments may be developed to benefit most patients with them:For some cancers, biopsy and imaging tests may be able to identify and ?stage? the disease,http://www.coachoutlet.cc, and then a ?standard? treatment for that genre of cancer may be sufficient for a high percentage of patients.However,michael kors outlet online, many conditions manifest differently in different people,burberry outlet online, and some diseases rapidly change/mutate; hence a more detailed characterization to identify diagnostic tests and/or treatments may be beneficial:The flu vaccine is changed every year.Although a certain cancer therapy may benefit many patients, not all patients will respond to it.What if we could find something specific to a given disease in an individual patient? What if we could then develop specialized testing for this condition? And what if we can then develop a focused treatment, specialized for the specific condition in the individual patient? These questions have led us to the concept of precision medicine (also called personalized medicine), where a disease in an individual patient is categorized in a detailed way; the more detailed the characterization, the more specific a diagnosis and treatment can be developed.The steps to achieve this include:Identify specifics of the condition: This may be a unique protein for a cancer,burberry outlet, an antigen for an infectious or other disease, or characteristic aspects of an autoimmune disease. A mAb may then be developed which is specific for the condition.Identify specialized testing: Although there are many possibilities here, let?s use immunoPET as an example. If a mAb can be identified it can be ?tagged? (for PET scans this is done by attaching a radioisotope) and the locations where the mAb binds (the locations of the condition,all these types of injuries m, for example a cancer) can be identified. If this can be done quantitatively, this technique may be used not only to stage the disease,www.burberryoutletonline.us.org, but also to monitor treatment response.Page 2 of 2 - Develop individualized treatments: This may include vaccines to boost the body?s immune response (this is done in preventative vaccines,www.michaelkorsoutlet.co.com, but is also being utilized as a treatment for certain cancers and other conditions), or to develop cell-targeted treatments (such as cancer therapies, whether it is treatment directed at cancer cells or to things that support cancer growth such as growth factors, blood supply, etc.). For example, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) may attach an anti-cancer treatment to a mAb; these then ?seek out? the specific cancer cells (utilizing the mAb) and kill them.Right now there are over 200 mAb?s being evaluated and developed to help diagnose and/or treat many different cancers and diseases. In parallel, methods to utilize mAb?s to create diagnostic tests to help identify, stage and monitor diseases (including monitoring response to treatment) are being refined and optimized. Finally,michael kors outlet, ways to utilize mAb?s, and other disease-specific characteristics, to create new treatments are well underway.There are many technical hurdles to overcome in order to realize the potential from this approach. The good news is that precision medicine is rapidly advancing, with multiple diagnostic tests and treatments (such as ways to suppress the immune system to treat autoimmune conditions and multiple treatments/tests based on specifically identified cancer characteristics) already helping many patients.Jeff Hersh,assisted with campus projects, Ph.D., M.D., can be reached at DrHersh@juno.com.

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